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Lost In Wonderland
Without The Rabbit
I'm a bad LJer  
7th-Jul-2011 03:43 pm
I have been a very bad LJer. oh well. lol.

Normally i only write when I'm frustrated or angry and while i am a little frustrated everything is pretty good.


Austin has run off on me 2 times in 2 months, found him in some random person's house with some kid.

Nothing much else has happened really.

I met this sexy funny nerd who is awesome

"Hi sexy awesome funny nerd reading this!" *wavey*

I was just sitting here just now writing this and I have come to the conclusion that my 2 cats are lesbians. Yup.

My older one is like a hard core butch dyke, a top, and into BDSM and a DOM. My little one is a sub, femme, soft core, clueless, shy, and likes being a bottom.

If you have any doubts, take them for a week LOL
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